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Are you interested in taking 1-on-1 English classes with a professional teacher?

Teaching English is a passion of mine and I’ve taught students of all ages from all around the world. I started out as a high school teacher in Thailand and then began teaching 5 year old Korean children online. From there I began developing online courses for adults from around the world and have continued teaching ad agency executives in Paris, France.

My classes are specialized because I focus everything on my students’ personal lives. We start by discussing what is happening at work, with the family and in a student’s free time. We also talk about vacation plans, what is happening in the world and plans for the future. The entire time I take notes about what a student is saying and write down grammar and pronunciation errors as well as vocabulary that we can expand on. We then spend time improving these areas. Lastly, we continue our original discussion while focusing on the new skills we’ve learned.

If you’re interested in taking classes with me or would like to have a short skype meeting to discuss how the classes work, please contact me at daniel@theenglishbug.com. You can also go to my teacher page to look at my schedule and pricing.

See you in class!

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