Intro to Adjectives


What is an adjective?

  • Adjectives describe nouns.

  • How would you describe an elephant?

    • big, gray, huge, smart, patient etc…

How do we use an adjective?

  • An adjective can go before a noun like

    • The huge elephant walked away.

    • The blonde guy drank some juice.

    • I sold my green table.

  • An adjective can go after the verb “to be” like

    • That dog is smart.

    • Where is the green table?

    • That store is expensive.

***Did you know?***

In English, adjectives don’t change their form!

  • Singular: That dog is smart.

  • Plural: Those dogs are smart.

    • Incorrect:  Those dogs are smarts.

  • Past tense: That dog was smart.

    • Incorrect: That dog was smarted.

The sentences change but the adjective stays the same!

***Did you know?***

You can string together multiple adjectives in a row.

  • That dog is smart, obedient, and fun.

One more thing…

Did you know that sometimes nouns can be adjectives? Think about the word “science”. “Science” is a noun, but when we say

  • Science teacher

  • Science book

  • Science class

we are using “science” as a word to describe a noun.

How about these words?

  • Dog food

  • Coffee cup

  • Chicken soup

Can you think of any more?


I. Fill in the blanks (more than one possible answer)

The forest is _________.

The _________ horse ran away.

The _________ woman bought a __________ car.

II. Answer this question using adjectives

Describe someone in your family. What do they look like physically? What is their personality like?


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