Intro to Adverbs

What are adverbs?

  • Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs

  • Many times adverbs help to describe HOW something is done

    • HOW do you drive?

    • Quickly, safely, badly, well, slowly, recklessly, etc

How do we use adverbs?

  • To describe a verb

    • She sings beautifully (how does she sing?)

    • He talks loudly (how does he talk?)

    • The computer runs slowly (how does the computer run?)

  • To describe an adjective

    • That room is incredibly clean (how clean is it?)

    • The rent is really expensive (how expensive is it?)

  • To describe another adverb

    • She always teaches extremely well (how well?)

    • They drove extraordinarily quickly (how quickly?)

***Did you know?***

Many adverbs end in “-ly” but not all of them!

  • well

  • fast

  • hard

  • late

  • early

  • straight

One more thing…

Adverbs don’t always stay in the same place! We can put them at the beginning of a sentence

  • Suddenly, the phone rang.

  • Slowly, my father walked through the door.

You can put them before a verb

  • The phone suddenly rang.

  • My father slowly walked through the door.

We can put them after a verb

  • The phone rang suddenly.

  • My father walked through the door slowly.


I. Fill in the blanks with adverbs

  • My teacher talks _______________ .

  • My brother runs ________________ .

  • Learning English is ______________   fun.

II. Answer these questions using adverbs

  • How well does your mom speak English?

  • How does your favorite teacher teach?

  • How are you learning English?