Irregular Verbs


What are irregular verbs?

  • The majority of past-tense verbs in English end in “-ed.”

    • asked, walked, danced…

  • Some of the verbs we use most frequently are irregular:

    • was, ate, took…

How do we conjugate irregular verbs?

  • One type of irregular verb ends in the “ott” sound in the past tense:

    • Fight → Fought

    • Bring → Brought

    • Think → Thought

  • One type of irregular verbs changes the last vowel:

    • Swim → Swam

    • Run → Ran

    • Write → Wrote

  • The most commonly used verbs change completely and must be memorized:

    • To be → Was/Were

    • See → Saw

    • Go → Went


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct irregular verb form in the past tense

  • Yesterday we _______ to the movies. (go)

  • Mary _____ at the park writing a book. (to be)

  • The women ______ faster than the men. (drive)

  • They _______ the exam in the morning. (take)
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