What is negation?

  • Negation is the process of turning a positive statement into a negative statement. We can also think of this as stating the “opposite.”

  • Verbs in English are negated by adding “not” to the sentence.

    • Positive sentence: I am happy.

    • Negative sentence: I am not happy.

How do we negate sentences?

  • When we are using the verb “to be,” simply put “not” right after the verb “to be.”

    • I am a woman. I am not a woman.

    • She is angry. She is not angry.

    • They were happy. They were not happy.

  • When we are not using the verb “to be,” we simply put “not” after the auxiliary or modal verb.

    • I have seen the film. I have not seen the film.

    • I will go to the party. I will not go to the party.

    • She did do her homework. She did not do her homework.

    • They do their chores every morning. They do not do their chores every morning.

One more thing…

  • We can also use contractions to represent negative forms:

    • I haven’t seen the film.

    • I won’t go to the party.

    • She didn’t do her homework.

    • They don’t do their chores every morning.


I. Negate the following sentences.

  • I am hungry.

  • She is tired.

  • They are going to the party tonight.

  • He is baking her a cake for her birthday.

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