Prepositions of Place and Time


What are prepositions of place and time?

  • Prepositions are words that explain how things relate to each other in place, time or movement.

  • Some prepositions are used for place and time. These prepositions are fromto, and through. Some prepositions, like by and until are only used for time.

    • Bridget traveled from New York to California (place).

    • I work from 9am to 5pm (time).

    • Terry walked through the airport (place).

    • The baby slept through the night (time).

    • We have until midnight to turn the paper in, but I want to deliver it by 5pm (time only).

How do we use prepositions of place?

  • “To” tells us where the end destination is.

    • I’m going to the store.

  • “From” tells us where the origin is.

    • My plane departed from LAX.

  • “Through” tells us about movement within a space.

    • I walked through the house.

How do we use prepositions of time?

  • “From” tells us when something begins and “to” tells us when something ends

    • Clara worked in advertising from 2005 to 2011.

  • “Through” tells us about something that happens continuously for a certain amount of time

    • The store is open Monday through Friday.

  • “By” tells us what happens (or should happen) before a certain time.

    • I need to turn in my application by March 1st (it should be turned in before March 1st).

  • “Until” tells us when an action stops.

    • Bob worked until he had children (He worked until he had children. Then he stopped working).


I. Choose the correct preposition

  • I’m (from/to) China.

  • I worked (by/until) my boss told me to stop.

  • I always arrive at work (by/until) 8:30.

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