Prepositions of Time


What are prepositions of time?

  • Prepositions are words that explain how things relate to each other in place, time or movement.

  • Prepositions of time explain how things relate to each other in time.

  • Some of the most common prepositions of time are: On, in, at, before, and after

How do we use prepositions of time?

  • On: To discuss days and dates.

    • I’ll see you on Monday.

    • The concert is on Tuesday.

    • My birthday is on the 31st of December.

    • On Christmas day my family has a big party.

  • In: To discuss long periods of time or nonspecific times during a day, a month, a season, or a year.

    • I’ll see you in January.

    • The concert is in May.

    • My birthday is in December.

    • My family started having big Christmas parties in the 1990’s.

  • At: To discuss exact times.

    • I’ll see you at 6pm.

    • The concert is at 10pm.

    • I was born at 8:08am.

    • The party starts at 5pm on Christmas day.

  • Before and After: To discuss things that will happen at an earlier or later time.

    • I’ll see you on Monday after school.

    • I have to go to the bank before the concert.

    • Your birthday is before mine.

    • After my family’s party, we should go to a bar.

One more thing…

  • When we use last, next, every, and this, we do not use the prepositions: On, in, at, before, and after.

    • I’ll see you next week. (Not: I’ll see you in next week)

    • The concert was last week.

    • I celebrate my birthday every December.

    • This Christmas the party will be huge!


I. Fill in the correct preposition of time

  • We are meeting today _________ 10pm.

  • I have to get some cash ____________ we go to the restaurant.

  • Do you want to join me at the theatre _______ Tuesday?

  • We are taking a vacation ______ May.