Simple Present

What is the simple present?

  • We use the simple present to talk about:

    • Repeated actions or hobbies: I read every morning.

    • Facts: New York City is in the United States.

    • Scheduled events: The bus leaves at 2:30.

How do we use the simple present?

  • We have to remember to conjugate the verbs in the simple present based on who the subject is. We always use the infinitive of the verb except when we are speaking in the third person singular, then we have to add an “s.”

    • I speak English.

    • You speak English.

    • She speaks English.

    • He speaks English.

    • We speak English.

    • They speak English.

One more thing…

We cannot forget to pronounce the “s” when we are speaking in third person singular. Native speakers can say this very quickly but it’s very important that it’s heard.

  • She talks on the phone every day.

  • He walks to school in the morning.

  • She gets up at six am.


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.

  • They____________ at the store in town (work).

  • She_____________every day (run).

  • We______________when our alarm rings (wake up).

  • He______________ on the phone every night (talk).
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