Used to


What does “used to” mean?

  • “Used to” can be used as both an adjective and a verb.

  • When we use it as a verb, we are talking about something that happened in the past, that doesn’t happen anymore.

    • I used to play baseball. (I played baseball in the past, but I don’t anymore.)

  • When we use it as an adjective, we are talking about something we are accustomed to.

    • I can drive long distances, I am used to it. (Driving long distances doesn’t bother me.)

How do we use “used to?”

One more thing…

When we are making negative statements or asking questions, we have to use the infinitive form.

  • She didn’t use to walk to school, but now she does.

  • They didn’t use to fight, but now they argue every night.

  • Did you use to study French in school?

  • Did she use to be an athlete?


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of “use to.”

  • I______________ shop there but I don’t anymore.

  • My brother ___________ live in New York City. Now he lives in Boston.

  • Didn’t he ____________ work here?

  • I didn’t ________________ be so nice.

II. Speak or write

  • What did you use to do when you were growing up?

  • Are you used to speaking English?

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